Whether hosting your foodie friends for a special evening, feeding your kids a quick, wholesome meal they will love, or just getting your late-night slurp on, our grocery products offer something for everyone – without compromise.

Our Products

Ramen Building Blocks – for Foodies and Families


Our noodles, soup stocks, and sauces (tare) are scratch-made from premium, all-natural ingredients and come together in minutes for authentic, restaurant-quality ramen at home. Mix and match to form a dizzying number of flavour and texture combinations or lay the foundation for your own ramen masterpiece: Ramen Building Blocks take all the heavy lifting out of making real ramen. Look for Nikkei Ramen-ya’s Ramen Building Blocks in the deli section at your local Vancouver Island grocer.


Soup Stock


Soup Stock

Shoyu Gyokai Tare

Seasoning Sauce

Shoyu Tare

Seasoning Sauce

Shio Kombu Tare

Seasoning Sauce

Ramen Kits – Level Up your late-night noods


With our single portion Ramen Kits you are minutes away from authentic, all-natural, restaurant-quality ramen. Keep a few in the freezer for a last minute meal or to satisfy those late night noodle cravings. Available in a variety of flavours in the frozen section of your local Vancouver Island grocer.

New Flavours

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Ramen School – ramen education, recipes, and tips for home ramen cooks

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For Grocers

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